(2017) Javier Pinto represents CellMat Laboratory in the event Naukas: Science of Future

Dr, Javier Pinto, representing CellMat Laboratory, participates in the science dissemination event Naukas: Science of Future.

Dr. Pinto talked about some materials that are intended to change our world and our society in the near future. Among the different materials and their potential applications of great interest,  the researcher from CellMat Laboratory showed how nanocellular polymers can provide important energy savings and reduce the CO2 emissions due to their excellent behavior as thermal insulators and their potential transparency. These two aspects have been demonstrated by CellMat Laboratory in recent years, being a pioneer in this topic worldwide.

Video of the conference of Javier Pinto in the event Naukas: Science of Future

Final conference program of Naukas (Valladolid 2017)

Visual review of Naukas (Valladolid 2017)